Faculty and Staff

 Tenaya Sims

Full-Time Program Primary Instructor

Founder of Georgetown Atelier

Tenaya has both extensive training as a classical artist, and experience as an industry professional. He designed Georgetown Atelier around the strengths of his experience in both territories. Tenaya devoted 5 years of full-time education to his traditional studies, and worked under the mentorship of artists Juliette Aristides and Jeff Watts. As an industry professional, he worked primarily in the video games industry for companies such as Treyarch/Activision and Crystal Dynamics/Eidos. He also holds a B.F.A from Carnegie Mellon University. Tenaya has been teaching for over 10 years, and in addition to Georgetown Atelier, has taught at a variety of institutions (Gage Academy, WIFAS, Pratt, & others).


Ginger Mills


Classical Part-Time Program Instructor

As a graduating student of 2014 (Comprehensive Classical Program), Ginger’s outstanding accomplishments while attending Georgetown Atelier have earned her a place on the instructor roster. In previous catalogs, and on the Georgetown Atelier website, Ginger’s work has been highlighted as hallmark example of ‘before and after’ student improvement. When Ginger joined Georgetown Atelier in 2011, she had little formal art training, but had a lot of passion for learning and a good work ethic. Since then, her abilities have skyrocketed. As a 3rd year student, Ginger began unofficially mentoring 1st and 2nd year students, as they naturally sought her input because of her expertise, communication skills, and positive demeanor.

Brian Snoddy


Illustration Part-Time Program Instructor

Brian has been a professional illustrator for over 25 years, and has produced work for a long list of clients. He’s worked on Saturday morning cartoon shows such as Conan the Barbarian, Disney’s Gargoyles, Garfield and friends, X-men, Jim Lee’s Wildcats, and Exo-squad. Brian has also done more then 100 illustrations for Magic: The Gathering cards. Brian co-founded Privateer Press, and co-created the Iron Kingdoms universe and the War Machine fantasy tabletop battle game. He has also worked as a concept artist for several years in the video games industry, notably for Airtight Games. Brian currently works for Flying Frog Productions as a staff artist.


Brandy Agun


Drawing and Painting Spotlight Series: The Torso

Brandy has been studying art for the past 20 years beginning with classes at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Or.  She studied for 10 years at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, Wa focusing primarily on the figure taking many drawing and anatomy courses.  There she also developed skills as a pastel painter and drawing with mixed media under Terry Furchgott.  To deepen her skills Brandy studied classical drawing and oil painting for 3 years at Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, Wa under Tenaya Sims graduating in 2012.  During that same time she studied anatomy and ecorche at the Seattle Sculpture Atelier under Matt Buckner.  In 2013 Brandy began teaching traditional oil painting in her studio in Snohomish, Wa and in Woodinville, Wa.  Brandy now teaches at the Georgetown Atelier.


Anthony Waters


Digital Painting Part-Time Instructor

Anthony Waters is a concept artist and illustrator. He’s known as a monster maker and environment designer, and has worked for many companies including Microsoft, Hasbro, Red 5 Studios, the WB, Nihilistic Software and Animal Logic. His work has been featured in Spectrum: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, ImagineFX, and in numerous articles and how-to books on digital art. He’s written two books, the Art of Magic: the Gathering–Art from the Rath Cycle, and the Little Book of Pain. He’s been working as a lecturer and instructor since 2006, most recently designing the hybrid on-line/in-class course model for the Laguna College of Art and Design, where he continues to teach as an adjunct professor.