Program Overview

Georgetown Atelier at Gage Academy of Art presents the foundations of classical art as building blocks for imaginative professional artists. Our programs are designed to develop visually inventive gallery and industry artists alike. Our apprenticeship-style approach specializes in classical drawing, classical painting, and digital painting, offering the guiding principles of the classics as a flexible system that students can ultimately shape to the needs of their own visions and endeavors. Regardless of professional pursuit, this approach expands creative potential and professional options for our students to thrive.


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Full-Time Atelier

The full-time atelier is an immersive program, requiring a substantial time commitment, and is designed for career artists. Students work from a live model during the morning, break for lunch, and continue working from their individual studio stations during the afternoons. While students are encouraged to complete a full three years of study, only a one year commitment is required upon enrollment. Payments are made per quarter.
Students interested in digital painting as an optional component of their full-time studies are encouraged to enroll in the Digital Painting Summer Intensive between year 1 and 2.

Mon-Fri, 9:30 – 4:30, (lunch 12:30 – 1:30) during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

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6_GingerCorr_ApplicationImage 8_Ginger_RandyPortrait - Copy (980x1280) 10_DanicaFancian_ApplicationImage 11_DancicaFrancian1 (993x1280)

Before & After (from left to right): Ginger Mills and Danica Francian. Images from application portfolio and charcoal drawing from first year at Georgetown Atelier.